Joe Haden: I wasn’t offside on blocked field goal

One of the key plays in Sunday’s Packers win over the Steelers came just before halftime on a field goal attempt by Packers kicker Mason Crosby.

Minkah Fitzpatrick blocked the 31-yard attempt, recovered the ball and returned it for a touchdown that put the Steelers up 16-14, but the play did not stand. Officials flagged cornerback Joe Haden for jumping offside on the play and Crosby made the rekick for a 17-10 Packers lead at the break.

Replays were not conclusive that the call was correct and Haden went on Twitter after the game to say that “I wasn’t offsides” on the play. Former NFL referee and current CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore agreed with Haden during the game.

There was a similar argument by the Giants after Dexter Lawrence was called for jumping offside on a field goal attempt at the end of a Week Two loss to Washington, but both calls stood and both teams were left to lament a loss that might have turned out differently if there were a way to review calls by officials the same way some plays can be reviewed during games.