Jealous stalker who threatened woman ‘almost paralysed’ in revenge attack

A stalker who threatened to kill his victim was nearly paralysed when another man stabbed him with a machete in a revenge attack.

Dylan Brierley threatened to smash a woman’s head in with a baseball bat during a three-month campaign of harassment between November 2020 and February this year.

The 27-year-old stalked and harassed the mum, threatening to kill her as he made after her in the street.

A meeting was arranged between Brierley and another man, Jordan O’Connor, in a bid to resolve the issues.

However, the 28-year-old arrived armed with two machetes and brutally attacked the other man.

A blade came millimetres from Brierley’s spine at the meet-up in Pype Hayes on January 25 this year.

At Brierley’s sentencing on Friday, defence barrister Harbinder Singh Lally said his client had already been served a “punishment in a very bizarre kind of way”.

The lawyer said: “In February of this year he was violently assaulted in the street.

“He arranged a meeting with this defendant and unbeknown to him, he was had in a corner and he slashed him with a machete.

“He almost was completely paralysed, it came millimetres from his spine. If that was not a lesson, I do not know what is.”

The judge said the attack would not ‘deduct’ from Brierley’s own offences – which included bombarding his victim with thousands of abusive texts and calls.

The victim also had to flee her home address after being abused with sexist insults and feeling fearful enough to call 999 nine times.

On October 1 Brierley was sentenced to two and a half years for causing fear of violence, harassment and stalking at Birmingham Crown Court.

Recorder Mason QC told Brierley: “You were very seriously assaulted….but that cannot deduct from what you did.”

Speaking of O’Connor’s stabbing of Brierley, West Midlands Police said: “The 27-year-old (Brierley) was treated in hospital for his wounds and following surgery he was discharged two days later to continue his recovery at home.

“Officers called to the scene carried out an initial search and seized two machetes which O’Connor had dumped in a nearby park.

“Witnesses were also interviewed, clothing seized and analysed and CCTV footage reviewed and the following day officers arrested O’Connor.”

O’Connor, of Dolman Road, Aston, gave a ‘ no comment’ interview to police but was charged over the attack due to the weight of the evidence.

He admitted wounding, criminal damage, possession of two bladed weapons and affray before being jailed for six years and nine months.

He was also made the subject of an extended three-year licence period.